Integrated Coastal Management

Management Strategy to Achieve the Sustainable Development of Coastal Areas

The management of coastal systems has evolved over the past decade, in particular, to embrace a broader, more systemic approach - management that recognizes the "reality of interdependence" of coastal watershed environments, for example.  Integrated Coastal Management is a management strategy to achieve the sustainable development of coastal areas based upon a policy process that is information driven, inclusive and adaptive.  Its goal is to ensure integration of all levels of government (local, national and international), natural and social scientific disciplines, appropriate spatial and temporal dimensions within natural systems, and broad sets of representative stakeholders.

This theme is designed to include the study of international marine resource regimes.  Courses within this theme would be drawn from both the natural and social sciences but would build upon a foundation of coursework in environmental and natural resource management and policy; environmental, coastal and ocean law; and environmental and marine resource economics.