IMS Faculty

As diverse as the faculty at IMS may be in their respected areas of research and schooling, they share a common characteristic that makes our program so academically unique: each one is a world-renowned, top-notch professor. The breadth of knowledge and devotion to all aspects of science not only add to the content of our program, it prepares our students for a life-long career in marine science.


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Instructor Details
Name: Robert Chen
Title: SMS Professor and Professor at UMB
Institution/Campus: Boston
Dept: Department of Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences
Phone: 617-287-7491
Email: bob.chen@umb.edu
Education: Scripps Institution of Oceanography--U.C. San Diego: Ph.D. in Oceanography received in August, 1992. Graduate study in Oceanography and Geochemistry. Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant.

Harvard University: A.B. in Chemistry and Physics received cum laude in June, 1986. Teaching Fellow, Harvard College Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship.

Professional History: Professor: Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts Boston.

Associate Professor: Environmental, Coastal & Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Visiting Associate Professor: Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Assistant Professor: Environmental, Coastal & Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Guest Investigator: NSF Postdoctoral fellowship in earth science September 1, 1992 to September 1, 1993.

Current Research Support: NSF Math Sciences Partnership (9/04-8/12) "Boston Sciences Partnership" $14.1M Co-PI with Hannah Sevian (UMB, PI), Arthur Eisenkraft (UMB), Marilyn Decker (BPS), Christos Zahoupoulos (NEU) (1 month summer)

National Science Foundation-GK-12 program (1/06-12/11) "Watershed-Integrated Sciences Partnership II (WISP-2)" $1,999,361 (1 month summer)

Department of Energy (9/08-6/12) Boston Environmental Area Coastal Observation Network $941,500 (BEACON) (0 months academic)

Office of Naval Research A Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) (11/08-9/11) Observatory $692,402 PI with Yong Tian and Bernie Gardner

NASA Earth Science for Decision Making: Gulf of Mexico Region "Geospatial Synthesis of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic (6/09-5/11) Matter Distribution in the Gulf of Mexico for Water Clarity Decision Making" Co-PI with Chris Osburn (PI, NC State University) (0.25 months academic) $75,000

NSF-Chemical Oceanography (12/09-11/12) "Collaborative Research: DOC Outwelling from Salt Marshes" PI with Jennifer Cherrier (FAMU), Jaye Cable (LSU), and Christof Meile (UGA) (0.75 months academic) (UMB part) $274,527

MIT SeaGrant-Focused Research Proposal (3/10-2/16) Consortium for Ocean Sensing of the Nearshore Environment (COSINE) PI with Ferdi Hellweger (NEU), Tom Little (BU), Jun Suzuki, John Duff 0.25 months summer $550,000

NSF-Math Sciences Partnerships "Boston Energy in Science Teaching (BEST)" (12/1/09-11/30/12) PI with Arthur Eisenkraft (UMB), Hannah Sevian (UMB) Christof Zahopoulos (NEU), and Pam Pelletier (BPS) (1 month academic) $2,100,000

NSF-COSEE (10/10-9/13) "COSEE: Ocean Communities in Education And social Networks (COSEE-OCEAN)" PI with Arthur Eisenkraft, Pam Pelletier, Adrienne Sponberg, and Alan Friedman. $1,000,000

Research Interests: Research interests include organic molecules in the ocean play a vital role in regulating the health and future of the earth on global and local scales. Cycling of dissolved organic carbon (DOC), the largest pool of organic carbon in the ocean, must be understood to accurately predict effects of fossil fuel CO2 on Greenhouse warming. Toxic organic compounds such as petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated pesticides can dramatically affect the health of a coastal ecosystem. Both natural and anthropogenic organic compounds exist in the marine environment as complex dilute solutions and undergo a number of biochemical, photochemical, physical transformations from photosynthesis through diagenesis and remineralization.
Selected Publications: Conmy, R.N., Del Castillo, C.E., Downing, B.D., and Chen, R.F., 2011. Experimental design and quality assurance: in situ fluorescence instrumentation. Chapter in.

Huang, W; Chen, R.F., Gardner, G.B., 2011. Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) Cycling in Hudson River Plume. Submitted to Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.

Wang, D., Tian, Y.Q., Chen, R.F., Huang, W., and Yu, Q., 2009. Exploratory analyses of driving factors of DOC sources and transport processes from terrestrial ecosystem to coastal water using SWAT simulated flow, submitted to Hydrological Processes (Accepted subject to revision)

Zhu, W., Yu, Q., Tian, Y.Q., Chen, R.F., and Gardner, G.B., 2011. Estimation of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya River plume regions using above-surface hyperspectral remote sensing. Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research, 116, C02011, doi:10.1029/2010JC006523)

Yu, Q., Y.Q. Tian, R.F. Chen, A. Liu, G.B. Gardner, Weining Zhu, 2010. Functional Linear Analysis for Estimating Riverine CDOM in Coastal Environment Using In Situ Hyperspectral Data, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 76(10), 1147-1158.