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Five Campuses Provide Varied Facilities and Resources

Combining facilities and resources from five campuses into a single, coherent graduate program greatly expands the opportunities for IMS students. Students have access to a much greater range of research opportunities, faculty expertise, and facilities than exists on one campus alone. Each campus has a number of departments and interdepartmental programs with areas of strength in the marine-science field. Our research and outreach constitute critical units of IMS and complement our teaching of future marine scientists. IMS is also closely affiliated with a number of on-campus research centers and institutes, as well as off-campus marine research facilities, expanding its realm of research opportunities and resources.

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Facilities Details
Facility: Climate Change Initiative
Campus: Lowell
Type: Research Center or Institute
Website: http://www.uml.edu/centers/climate-change/default.html

The goal of the Climate Change Initiative (CCI) is to address climate change through education, research, and developing solutions to transition to a more sustainable and resilient society. Scientific research must be the foundation for informing society about ongoing climate change and its potential future impacts. We also recognize that climate change is more than a scientific problem with a technical solution. The CCI is committed to examining the physical, ecological, environmental, social, economic, historical, and political facets of climate change impact, mitigation, and adaptation.