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Who We Are

The University of Massachusetts Intercampus Marine Science (IMS) graduate program is an exceptional place to earn your advanced degree in marine sciences. We have developed a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program to match the complex, multidisciplinary nature of marine sciences.

The University of Massachusetts IMS graduate program brings together expertise in marine science and related fields under the umbrella of the entire University of Massachusetts system.

While interested students apply to an individual UMass “home” campus, the intercampus faculty mentoring, cross campus enrollment in a variety of relevant graduate courses, available either on campus or online, cross campus collaboration for research opportunities as well resource sharing and library access are all available to IMS students. Our local, regional, and worldwide partnerships also provide a unique learning experience for students and professors alike.


What We Do

Our Mission is the scientific understanding, management, economic growth, and sustainability of our marine environments. Though our program is wide-ranging, our common focus is on our aquatic ecosystem and its contribution to humanity.

Here we provide a central community for current students and faculty to enliven and simplify their educational experience. We also show future students who we are, what we do, and why.


We invite you to join us – as a student, faculty, or partner. If you just want the answer to a specific question, or have a comment, please contact us directly. We enjoy hearing from marine science enthusiasts!